Company History

In 1992, Barry M. Massarsky recognized a need in the music industry for improved copyright asset management and business modeling. Drawing on a decade of experience as Senior Economist for the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), he founded Massarsky Consulting to provide strategic counsel to owners of music copyrights. The firm quickly gained preeminent clients including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and SESAC-clients that remain with the firm today. As client needs increased, Partner Nari Matsuura and Economist Elon Altman joined the firm in 2001 and 2005, respectively, to expand the business in litigation economics, statistical analysis, valuation, and performance income review.

The success of Massarsky Consulting is based on their incomparable understanding of industry dynamics, rigorous analysis, and deep commitment to fostering valuable long-term client relationships. After nearly two decades in the industry, they have established themselves the music industry's top consultants.

Statement from the President:
"The beginnings of this consulting firm rested on a tripod of interdependent clients who fueled the business' acceptance into the marketplace. The RIAA was the first taker. In 1992, RIAA President Jay Berman and SVP Hilary Rosen predicted the recording industry's transformation into a more copyright revenue bearing model. They believed my background would serve the trade organization well. Sixteen years later, we continue to serve them.

In 1993, a trio of entrepreneurial investors, Stephen Swid, Freddie Gershon and Ira Smith, decided to remake SESAC, a third performance rights organization based in Nashville. They entrusted us with their new business modeling. Today, we remain their economic and strategic advisors.

In 1995, the largest independent music publisher, ZOMBA, and its executives, Paul Katz, Brian Roberts and Richard Blackstone, retained us to augment their performance income portfolio and through this relationship, we were eventually ushered into the mainstream of music publishing consulting activity.

Since 1992, over 75 different clients have shared their business vision and perspective with us. Many of them continue to share with us, relying on us for our deep understanding of industry dynamics, our commitment to fostering long-term relationships, and our true passion for the work that we do."

Barry M. Massarsky, President